Cayley Fleischman Arts & Science Rep

Headshot of Cayley Fleischman

a. Hello there! My name is Cayley Fleischman and I am one of your incumbent Arts & Science Representatives who is seeking re-election. I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done on the behalf of my peers and would love the opportunity to continue to represent you! I feel like with online campaigning it’s hard to get to know the candidates, so I want to share with you some information about myself that can hopefully give you an idea of who I am. I’m currently in my third year of a Neuroscience and Psychology degree with a minor in Mental Health which has allowed me to work on some amazing research here at uLeth. In addition to working within my program, I am also involved with other organizations on campus such as the CareerBridge Office and one of our sororities, Kappa Beta Gamma. I also enjoy spending time with the homies, making subpar memes about anything and everything, and going for the occasional hike in the coulees. A fun fact for y’all is that while I look and sound quite Canadian now, I’m originally from the United States and moved here in 2018 to come to university.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions or just want to chat!

What do you know about the position you are running for?

a. Having served in this position for almost two years now, I wish I could say with certainty that I know what this job entails; however, I seem to learn more and more about this organization and our roles as reps daily. Over the past two years, I’ve sat as a voting member for the ULSU General Assembly where I’ve aided in passing budgets, bylaws, and working with clubs and individuals. Throughout my term, I’ve also sat as an undergraduate student representative on a variety of committees within the university as well as committees within the ULSU. Additionally, as representatives we are expected to volunteer at ULSU events as well as bring forth our own initiatives aimed at improving the student experience. However, at its core this position is one rooted in advocacy and representation. I can say with confidence that this position is meant to serve the students it represents. As a representative of the students of the Faculty of Arts & Science, it is imperative that I act as a liaison between the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Lethbridge while being aware of local, provincial, and federal issues facing students. It is of the utmost importance that the student voice is heard, and this position is an avenue that allows that to happen.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

a. As many people who know me can attest, I am very much a driven and ambitious individual, so my plans, if re-elected to this position, are abundant. To begin, I want to continue to establish my student leader and faculty mentorship program between the ULSU and Faculty of Arts & Science Dean’s Office as a permanent part of the organization. This program is aimed at helping to improve communication and eliminate barriers between students and faculty. While I want to continue to maintain communication between student leaders and the university, I also want to enhance communication between student leaders and their constituents. I hope to accomplish this by hosting frequent discussion forums where students can come speak with their faculty reps regarding issues they are facing and concerns they want addressed. It is of the utmost importance that we are accurately and authentically representing students and their concerns! Moreover, I want to work on enhancing the student experience by showcasing our plethora of student resources that provide support and unique individual opportunities. My current objective is to have the Accommodated Learning Centre, CareerBridge, and Counselling Services showcase their resources at informational sessions and events in collaboration with the ULSU. Finally, my biggest priority is continuing to fight against performance-based funding metrics and cuts to mental health funding, advocate for the improvement of sexual violence policies in post-secondary education, and protect undergraduate student research opportunities.