Council Structure

Two Governing Bodies

1. The Executive Council

is responsible for running the business affairs of the Students’ Union and is directly responsible to the General Assembly. The Executive Council consists of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President Academic
  3. Vice President Operations & Finance
  4. Vice President Student Life
  5. Vice President External

Powers and Responsibilities of the Executive Council:

  1. Observe and uphold the objectives of the ULSU;
  2. Execute, adhere to, and implement all General Assembly decisions and policies;
  3. Oversee the office and the employees of the ULSU;
  4. Oversee the regular operations of the ULSU;
  5. Authorize and approve general expenditures as defined in the Financial Policy, the Constitution, or any other portion of the ULSU Bylaws and Policies, as within the purview of the Executive Council; be the primary body to present initiatives to the General Assembly; and,
  6. Represent all members of the ULSU.
  7. One or more member(s) of the Executive Council must participate in and complete responsibilities associated with the lobby groups that the ULSU subscribes to.

2. The General Assembly

is responsible for the approval of all Union decisions, Policies, and Bylaws, and is directly responsible to the students of The University of Lethbridge. The General Assembly consists of:

  • The Executive Council
  • 6 Arts & Science Reps
  • 2 Dhillon School of Business Reps
  • 1 Fine Arts Reps
  • 1 Health Sciences Rep
  • 1 Education Rep.
  • 1 Residence Representative
  • 1 Indigenous Student Representative
  • 1 International Student Representative
  • 1 First-Year Student Representative (September by-election)
  • 1 Calgary Campus Representative from the U of L Calgary campus.
  • 1 Chair of the General Assembly - externally appointed by the President

Powers and Responsibilities of the General Assembly:

  1. Observe and uphold the objects of the ULSU;
  2. Approve expenditure in accordance with ULSU Legislation;
  3. Authorize all new employee positions;
  4. Authorize changes to the budget;
  5. Authorize expenditures from the Capital Replacement Fund;
  6. Serve as a check and balance to the Executive Council;
  7. Be well informed of the activities of the ULSU;
  8. Serve as the judicial branch of the ULSU, governing all responsibilities regarding discipline of permanent full time employees and the members of the General Assembly; and,
  9. Act as representatives of the ULSU.