Jennifer Eseonu Arts & Science Rep

Headshot of Jennifer Eseonu

Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Eseonu and I’m running for the position of an Arts and Science Representative for the 2021-2022 school year. I am a third year neuroscience student and I plan to pursue a career in neurosurgery. During my three years at the University of Lethbridge, I have joined a few clubs and participated in neuroscience Research with Dr. Tatsuno which helped me improve my leadership skills and ability to take initiative. So far, I have had a pretty enjoyable experience at the University of Lethbridge and I have been provided with various resources that have aided in my University experience as well as my prospective career pursuit. I have been looking for different ways in which I could actively play a role in the University so I may be able to make a positive impact for other students and I believe this is the perfect opportunity to put some of my skills to good use. The faculty of Arts and Science has helped me in many ways and I would love to give back to this community in any way I can.

What do you know about the position you are running for?

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

I want to represent students in the faculty of Arts and Science and make sure their voices are being heard in the city, provincial, and federal level. There are three main initiatives that I plan to implement if I am elected. These are: inclusion, outreach, and mindful listening.

Inclusion: If I get elected as an Arts and Science Representative, I aim to be inclusive to every student in the faculty and make sure everyone is considered when decisions are being made. An important aspect of being inclusive is making sure that minority groups do not feel like they are being underrepresented in the students union. I acknowledge that different decisions impact different groups in different ways and I will make sure these different effects are being considered and understood.

Outreach: As a third year neuroscience student, I understand the importance of getting informed about available programs and resources available to students. While I am now aware that there are many resources that could help students during their undergraduate journey and even after, I always reflect on what I could’ve achieved had I known sooner. The students union and other programs at the university already do a good job at informing students about resources but I see some areas in which we can improve the delivery of this information so it reaches more students and I would love to aid in the application of these ideas if I am given the opportunity.

Mindful listening: While I do have some ideas of my own, I want to represent the entire faculty and this means listening and applying YOUR ideas too! I will be making it very easy for students to access and discuss ideas with me and I will make sure to follow up with every concern brought to me by fellow students.