Roberto Bello DSB Rep.

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Hello and Oki, fellow DSB students, my name is Roberto Bello and I am a full-time student in my third year of a combined degree in marketing and political science, currently running to be one of your Dhillon School of Business academic representatives. I am from Lethbridge and have been surrounded by the university my whole life as my dad (Prof. Bello) both studied and currently teaches marketing here at the university. This lifelong personal connection with the university has caused me to become greatly invested in the continued wellbeing of the institution and student body. A few facts about myself in order for you to get to know me better: I am the eldest of 4 siblings (one currently studies here as well), I speak Spanish fluently, I love all things “politics”, and I strive to understand all positions on a topic before passing judgment. I look forward to properly representing the DSB student body and its diverse range of perspectives.

What do you know about the position you are running for?

Being an academic representative for the DSB student body means being a transparent, reliable, bipartisan and respectful figure that will properly listen to, and address all issues brought forth, no matter their relative importance. Being one of the DSB’s representatives in the general assembly of the ULSU carries significant importance considering the size, diversity and general influence the school has over the university and its institutions. This means that in order to be a suitable academic rep one must be willing to listen to all represented voices and aggregate them in all decision-making processes and actions. A strong understanding and implementation of proper ethical practices is also necessary to accurately represent in the general assembly. Finally, being an academic rep requires one to be an active member of the represented community, as such the rep must be willing to seek to engage fellow DSB students through various activities, presentations, and channels of communication.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

In order to do this job and its constituents justice, I will ensure consistent communication and accessibility to all students of the DSB and accurately represent their respective issues, perspectives, and opinions on all actions that the ULSU undertakes. In accordance with this I also promise to revamp the academic rep’s channels of communication in order to guarantee an accessible, communicative and responsive experience when engaging with us. I believe this has been sorley lacking across the entire ULSU as proven with the lack of adequate accessibility and communication experienced throughout this past year, especially during the spring strike. Therefore, a complete sense of transparency and reliability is what I also hope to establish during my time as academic rep. This will be accomplished through consistent updates on initiatives, actions, and events relevant to the DSB community. I will also seek new to establish new initiatives or events that will further engagement with the community and provide more support in all aspects of university life. Above all, I vow to be a reliable, accessible, communicative, and transparent figure that all DSB students can hopefully rely on to respectfully voice/fight for their opinions, perspectives and ideas to the rest of the general assembly and all relevant stakeholders.