Nominations & Eligibility of Candidates

Any person wishing to be nominated as a candidate must fulfill all candidacy requirements stated in the bylaw governing the position they wish to be nominated for;

A prospective candidate, in order to be nominated, must:

  1. Fill out the official ULSU nomination form in ink including his or her name, phone number, University of Lethbridge student identification number, and position for nomination;
  2. Sign the nomination form in the presence of the CRO, Administrative Assistant, or Executive Assistant;
  3. Have the official ULSU nomination form signed by ten (10) active members of the ULSU, including their student identification numbers and signatures;
  4. Confirm, by signing the nomination form, that he or she shall comply with all ULSU legislation;
  5. Pay a nomination deposit to the CRO or the ULSU Administrative Assistant if running for an Executive Council position. The deposit shall be refunded in full to a candidate for an Executive Council position if he or she receives a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the votes for that position;
  6. Include a letter from the University of Lethbridge Registrar verifying good academic standing as per the academic standards laid out in the University of Lethbridge Calendar;
  7. A nominee must include a financial standing report obtained via the Cash Office section of The Bridge Web Information System verifying that at least 50% of the total student fees for the semester has been paid;
  8. A nominee may request and receive special exemption to the Bylaw XXI, via approval from the General Assembly. Such request must be made either to the CRO or the Executive Council 48 hours prior to the closing of nominations to ensure appropriate time for a mailbox ballot of the General Assembly;
  9. Submit the official nomination form, the academic standing letter, the financial standing report, and the deposit if required, to the CRO, the ULSU Administrative Assistant or the Executive Assistant before the closing of the nomination period;
  10. Refunds shall not be made available to candidates who are disqualified from or withdraw from the election;
  11. Members of the ULSU may only be nominated for one (1) position on the General Assembly per election;
  12. Any person who was elected to the General Assembly and then impeached shall not be eligible to be nominated for any position;
  13. A candidate’s nomination shall not be deemed valid unless the candidate, or a delegate, as approved by the CRO, attends the orientation session as required by the ULSU;
  14. If any candidate is not able to attend, he or she must submit written notification to the CRO at least forty-eight (48) hours before the orientation session; and,
  15. The CRO must make a ruling as to the inability of the potential candidate to attend the orientation, and must render the decision on and relay the decision to the potential candidate within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the notice.