Each candidate shall campaign in a reasonable and responsible manner, including:

  1. Being personally responsible and liable for any damages resulting from the campaign;
  2. Being responsible for ensuring that practices that are unfair to other campaigns, as determined by the CRO, are not followed by a candidate’s supporters; and,
  3. Being responsible for complying with the provisions of ULSU legislation and regulations outlined during the orientation session.

Campaign Materials

The ULSU office, materials, and equipment may not be used for campaigning purposes by any individual or organization.

  1. Campaign materials will be limited to posters, clothing, ribbons, buttons, and banners; or,
  2. Any other campaign materials must be approved by the CRO;
  3. No stickers of any kind will be used as campaign material;
  4. ULSU and University logos are not allowed on campaign materials;
  5. Campaign materials may not be used for the spread of any message of hate;
  6. Every printed advertisement, or other printed material having reference to an election or referendum will include on its front, in legible form, the name of the candidate or the position on a referendum question;
  7. The CRO must establish internet campaigning rules to be announced at all orientation sessions; and,
  8. The following are the allowances for posters:
  9. No poster may obscure or cover other campaign materials or business signs; and,
  10. All candidates must comply with the building codes set out by the University; and,
  11. Each campaign will be limited to a maximum of one (1) banner per building and three (3) in total.

Campaign Expenses

  1. Election candidates may not exceed a one hundred and fifty dollar ($150.00) expense limit for a campaign, expenses allowable defined in ULSU legislation and at the discretion of the CRO.
  2. A fair market value assessment of all donations must be included in the budget of the campaign.
  3. A prospective candidate for an Executive Council position must, in order to be nominated, include a twenty dollar ($20.00) nomination deposit with the nomination form; and,
  4. The deposit shall be refunded in full to a candidate for an Executive Council position if he or she receives a minimum of ten percent (10%) of the votes for that position.
  5. Each Executive Council candidate will receive a maximum of a fifty dollar ($50.00) reimbursement for campaign expenses upon itemized receipts being submitted to the CRO.
  6. The CRO reserves the right to request a clear and complete statement of an individuals campaign expenses.
  7. Individuals receiving ULSU funds to run their campaign must submit expense statements and receipts.

Campaign Fines

  1. Should an individual exceed the applicable expense limit, the CRO, on behalf of the ULSU, will fine them fifty cents ($0.50) for every dollar in excess of the limit.
  2. If the CRO should find any campaign materials around the campus after the campaign end time, he or she, on behalf of the ULSU, will fine the individual or organization as follows:
  3. A maximum fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per banner;
  4. A maximum fine of ten dollars ($10.00) per poster; and,
  5. For all other campaign material, a five dollar ($5.00) fine per item will be levied.
  6. Mutilation or removal of any campaign material without authority of the owner or the CRO will result in a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine per instance to responsible candidates.