Elisha Wong Arts & Science Representative

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BIOGRAPHY Hey there! I’m Elisha and I am a third year student here at UofL. I have been a part of the SU since my first year, and have enjoyed advocating for my fellow students. It has been a pleasure being a representative on the ULSU, and I hope to continue my work advocating for my peers in my final year. Aside from the ULSU, I am involved in undergraduate research here at our University, and love sharing my passion for science and leadership with others. I am one of the student leaders for the UofL Collegiate iGEM team and also partake in various activities in our community. Regarding hobbies, I enjoy biking, hiking, backpacking, skiing, running, singing and playing piano.

PLATFORM WELLNESS The ups and downs of the past few years have pointed out the importance of ensuring the wellness of our students. Possible initiatives of mine include monthly “Wellness Wednesdays,” creating support groups or simple spaces for students to gather and connect with one another. ACCESSIBILITY With our world relying more heavily on technology day by day, I would like to work on making as many services available in-person and online. I understand that some things must take place in person, but if a certain program can be held both ways, I would like to ensure that it is available both physically and virtually. This would apply to all services offered by the University, such as counseling, technological support, library services, etc. I strongly believe that making resources and services more accessible to students will result in increased participation among the students and faculty, while improving student experiences. INCLUSIVITY As a Women in STEM, I seek to represent those belonging to minority groups. I have worked with my colleagues on several initiatives this year, and hope to continue them, while also bringing new ideas to the table. I plan to educate our students on how we can assist and work with those belonging to marginalized groups. This past year, it has been amazing to see our University community come together and demonstrate the importance of maintaining an inclusive space within our University. I would like to carry out initiatives that bring students together to help foster these ideas. ? RESEARCH I have been involved in Undergraduate Research since High School at the UofL. This has been a fantastic opportunity and I would like to represent undergraduate researchers, and promote research to my fellow undergrads. I find that many are unaware of the research opportunities available at our University and I would like to make information regarding potential research experiences more available to students. ? I’m always open to other students’ ideas! ? For more information check out my campaign website: https://elishawong.wixsite.com/wongforartsci Questions? Email me: elisha.wong@uleth.ca

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