Foster Tetoush'nux Wright VP Academic Candidate

Headshot of Foster Tetoush'nux Wright

Oki and Yo. My name is Foster, but one of my names given to me is “Tetoush’nux”. I use he/him pronouns This translates to Singer of Thunderbird songs in my Indigenous culture Kwakiutl. This song translates to my personality. When I speak, I want it to be heard for miles (thunder), and when I act, I want it to be sought from far (lightning). I come from a small reserve called Fort Rupert on the north end of Vancouver Island. I am currently in my third year in the Addiction Counseling program. My interests include working out at the gym, spending time with my friends and family. I take interest in others and to help support the success of others. I love to attend and participate in cultural events. I also enjoy spending time in the wilderness. Seeing wildlife and the beauty that this world possesses brings a smile to my face everyday. I chose this program because of the importance it has in every community around the world, this transpires to my willingness to help and support others. For everyone. I was raised with the ideal that everyone is equal, regardless. Unfortunately, I have been challenged with an abundance of hardships throughout my life. From the loss of my mother (who was an educator and worked provincially with the Education Ministry). I was also raised with the absence of a father. Which led to my own addiction that took control over me for 5 years and left me homeless. Which has now brought me to a place of 43 months sober. My empathy for both my peers, and those whom I have yet to meet. There are traits I am excited to apply to my experience on the council. I am hoping I can apply my enthusiasm of “understanding” to the position of Vice President Academic as someone who strives to believe in Mental Health first to succeed later. I hope to meet everyone very soon, and we can continue to make an impact together.

What do you know about the position you are running for?

The Vice President Academic should be a role for those who have a full heart, and a complete understanding of how to support, and invoke positive change within our campus community. If I am elected it will be my goal, to implement events, actions and campaigns that benefit the community. I am someone who has struggled with mental health, the anxiety of leaving their hometown from miles away, and the financial stress there is as a student. Unlike the direction Post-Secondary Education is heading, I believe that education, and the materials thereof are a substantial Human Right. The advocacy I am currently doing as the VPA translates to this need for students. Textbooks are a serious issue in regards to the price of them. I recognize the cost of textbooks and educational materials is extraordinarily high, and if elected I will continue to advocate for it being accessible for everyone. As an Indigenous person, I understand that to succeed in life we need to be true to ourselves and true to our needs; This would include the health of all aspects of our Medicine Wheel (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical). In the eyes of this Indigenous perspective of knowing, I think that this is what everyone in our educational world here in Lethbridge needs to succeed. You need someone who is willing to go above and beyond to provide students with essential resources which entails more counselors on campus, an increase in support for greater access for materials, and a more comprehensive plan regarding Academic Advising. I will always be a student advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion on our campus both in the context of education, mental health and bringing a sense of community to our campus. University is what you make of it, and I want it to be a positive and smooth experience for everyone at our university.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?