Manjot Singh Sehgal Presidential Candidate

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Hello, I am Manjot Singh Sehgal, born on May 2, 2004 in the cacophony of New Delhi. Since then my life has been a series of experiences centred around learning, leadership and service to the communities I am fortunate enough to be part of. I began my educational journey at Gurunanak Public School in New Delhi and while I excelled in my academics, I was drawn to various leadership opportunities. I was elected to work in the Student Council in my early middle school years and became part of different initiatives to enhance the quality of experience students in my school have. Working with the student council has helped me develop my leadership abilities even further and has created within me a strong sense of responsibility to my school community. My passion for community service has always lived alongside my leadership work. I have always believed in the power of collective action and my work has extended from organising events to raise money (and awareness) for local charities to participating in environmental clean up campaigns near my home and tutoring underprivileged children in the dark conclave of a local community hall. Working to bring change to the greater world around me has always interested me. Even as I have sought to shape my world around me my volunteer work has extended to work beyond my city and I have participated in two international volunteer programs. My global experiences have given me a perspective on a world that is very different to the one that I know, a perspective that has broadened the differences in culture and equated the challenges that the world faces in a human face.

What do you know about the position you are running for?

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

Dear University of Lethbridge members, It is with great privilege that I outline my election platform for the position of President of the University of Lethbridge. As a member of our academic community, I am dedicated to enabling an inclusive, innovative and thriving university environment. Together, I am confident we can lead our institution to a brighter future. Student-Centric Approach Accessible Education: It is our duty to tackle persistent financial obstacles to education. I will strive to push the boundaries of tuition constructs, support an increase in available scholarships and ensure that financial hindrances do not impede access to the pursuit of knowledge. Mental Health Support: The well-being of our students is of paramount concern. To that end, I pledge to lobby for expanded mental health resources and counseling services and the continued elevation of awareness programs to foster a caring and supportive campus. Student Engagement: A culture of engagement and community is critical. I am vigilant in my commitment to involving students in as many possible decisions as is feasible, promoting extra-curricular participation and developing open dialogue avenues for students to the administration. Greater Investments in Our Digital Infrastructure: I will make sure we are making the kinds of investments that are necessary to continue be on the leading edge of where technology is taking the country. That investment is in upgrading our digital infrastructure so that all of the necessary pieces to make full use of the technology are in place and working. So that when we talk about online learning platforms those are robust, those are easy to use, when we talk about research facilities, those are robust and easy to use, and when we talk about fostering a culture of technological innovation, that the last mile piece is as seamless as it possibly can be. Modernizing Our Cybersecurity Measures: To ensure University Members’ privacy and the security of our data becomes increasingly important every day, there are continuing threats. We will continue to implement robust cybersecurity measures working with University IT to protect our community, and to protect sensitive files, photographs, and protected health information from prying eyes. Together, let us embark on a journey to elevate the University of Lethbridge to new heights. Your support is not just a vote for me but a commitment to a shared vision of academic excellence, inclusivity, and innovation. Thank you for your trust, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your President. Sincerely, Manjot