Kulmehak Hallan Calgary Campus Representative Candidate

Headshot of Kulmehak Hallan

Hello, University of Lethbridge Calgary students! My name is Kulmehak Kaur Hallan and I am thrilled to be running for Calgary Representative. I want to make a difference for our student body and help to provide a great college experience. Improved Campus Communication: I will establish regular town hall meetings and open forums to increase communication between students, faculty, staff, and administration. Eliciting the voices of all stakeholders is vital to the flourishing of the college community. Student Well-being and Mental Health: I will push for an increase in student support services including counseling and mental health resources. College life is inherently stressful, the well-being of our students must be prioritized! Enhancing Campus Facilities: I will work to increase facilities such as study spaces, recreational and rest areas, and basic campus infrastructure. An environment which is conducive to the needs of students contributes positively to their overall learning experience. Diversity and Inclusion: I will work to celebrate and promote the differences among students on campus. I will support student groups as they create events that enable all students to be their true selves; whether that means educating the campus about their unique cultural history or breaking bread with those who have similar cultural roots to create a more tolerant and vibrant college community.

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