Juliana Ford Residence Rep / ORS President Candidate

Headshot of Juliana Ford

Hello! My name is Juliana Ford (she/they), and I am a 4th year BFA and BEd combined student. I’m originally from Medicine Hat, AB and I am currently serving as VP Coulee View 2023/2024 with the Organization of Residence Students and Housing Services. I am passionate about the residence life community and have been serving in multiple capacities for almost 3 years, starting as an RA and Senior RA in University Hall. I have spent all of my university career within this community, and feel extremely passionate in continuing the positive environment residence can be for any student, just as it’s been for me. This community has allowed me to grow in ways I would have never been able to without the privilege of serving on this team, and I know that through my extensive experience and understanding of this important role, I will be able to serve in this position successfully if I am elected. I believe that our residence community is built on connection, opportunity, commitment, and inclusivity. These components guided me as VP Coulee View throughout this year and will continue to be what I strive for going forward. They are essential in ensuring that residents feel supported, at home, and a true part of our community here on campus. Over the 2024/2025 academic year, I want to continue to expand on these pillars, creating new opportunities and exciting experiences for all residents within our community.

What do you know about the position you are running for?

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

If I am elected, I aim to build on my extensive experience and unwavering dedication to our residence community by expanding my previous pillars of Connection, Opportunity, Commitment, and Inclusivity. Connection fosters relationships and a sense of belonging among residents, providing security and comfort as they settle into their home. Through various residence-wide initiatives, I will continue to cultivate these with the knowledge I have learned throughout my residence experience. This will enable students to create connections with their place here in our community. Opportunity lies at the heart of our community, offering residents the time to grow, learn, and acquire new skills. By introducing them to diverse student organizations, engaging them in events, and providing skill-building programs, we can empower residents to learn alongside their peers. I am committed to creating more opportunities within our spaces, including structured academic supports, collaborations with on/off campus stakeholders, and connecting residents with resources to ensure they can be successful in their university experience. Commitment is a key component of serving this community, and as president, I will continue to prioritize my dedication to our residents, fellow ORS officers, and the broader community. I have always been committed to fostering an environment that is welcoming and positive, and will continue to engage with our community members to address their needs and concerns. Together, we will work collaboratively to resolve any issues that may arise and ensure the overall well-being of our community. Inclusivity is fundamental to all of our facilities, providing students with a safe and supportive environment as they continue their post-secondary life. Through intentional programming and recognition of all unique identities, I will strive to continue creating space for residents to feel valued and accepted. As president, I will uphold our warm and accepting community, where all residents can thrive.