Sarah Hofer ORS - VP Parkway Candidate

Headshot of Sarah Hofer

I am currently a second-year English education major and residence assistant in Uhall’s C-Block. I am passionate about fostering an inclusive community and prioritizing mental health and relationships. Having lived in residence myself for the past two years, my first year in Kainai House, I understand the importance and value of creating a welcoming environment where every individual feels valued, heard, and supported. Growing up as the older sister of three siblings, I’ve developed an appreciation for nurturing positive, meaningful relationships and promoting mental well-being. My role as an RA this year has also reinforced these values as I strive to cultivate an environment and space where my residents feel not only safe and heard but truly at home. Beyond my academic pursuits, I am known for my outgoing and social nature. I realize the importance of building meaningful connections and I aim to go beyond surface-level interactions. Whether it’s engaging in a conversation in the hallway or organizing residence-wide events, I am dedicated to building relationships that extend beyond mere greetings. In my free time, you can find me immersed in a good book (probably for an English class I am taking), finding new study spots around campus and the library, hanging out with my C-Block residents, or getting a chicken and bacon on brioche. I am excited to continue to serve the residence community and I am always open to chatting or lending a helping hand where needed!

What do you know about the position you are running for?

I understand the position of Vice President Parkway to be one in place to better the lives of current and future students. They overlook facilities and student engagement, hold exciting events, and try to improve residence as best they can to ensure students are happy and satisfied with their living arrangements. I aim to go beyond this by connecting with students on topics beyond their living spaces and making personal connections with residents, checking in on their school, mental health, personal lives, and whatever they feel like sharing! Creating an inclusive, engaging, warm and welcoming space is one of the most important roles of VP, and I aim to do just this. I want residents to not simply live in their living spaces but truly feel at home in them. Ensuring that students' concerns and voices are heard is an integral part of being VP, as they are a vessel for residents to express their needs and thoughts. Living in a space that is not truly your own can be daunting, but I aim to make the experience as enjoyable as possible by listening to students' needs and concerns and acting on them whenever possible. VP is about more than just throwing events; it is about making sure that your residents are satisfied with their time in residence and that you are doing your best to create the best environment you can by listening to their thoughts and interacting with your facility accordingly. Your facility should not simply represent what you want it to look like but also what your residents want it to look like.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

As a candidate for Vice President Parkway, I am excited to share my vision of building a stronger, more connected, inclusive community where every voice feels heard, valued, and supported. I am committed to fostering meaningful relationships that dive beyond surface-level interactions. I believe genuine connections are the cornerstone and bedrock of a thriving community, and I aim to be a VP who fosters this. Through regular community gatherings, social events, and one-on-one conversations with you, I will work dedicatedly to create opportunities for residents and provide support. I recognize the importance of upgrading our facilities to enhance your overall living experience and increase accessibility. I am dedicated to addressing issues regarding outdated amenities, malfunctioning dryer machines, costs, and locked doors. By advocating for facility upgrades and improvements, I aim to create a more comfortable and convenient environment for residents. I promise to be a genuine and approachable leader whom residents can trust and approach. I understand the importance of being accessible and relatable, and I am committed to being a listening ear for all resident's struggles and concerns. Whether through online feedback forms or casual conversations in the hallway, I will ensure that every resident feels heard, valued, and supported. I recognize the importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being within our community. University is an extremely challenging time, and this is when you need the most support. I will work closely with campus resources to provide supports to students struggling or facing challenges. Additionally, I will organize events and initiatives focused on promoting self-care, awareness, and connecting, helping with assignment paralysis by promoting productivity and providing stress-free events. With your vote, I would love to positively impact residents and create a community where everyone feels welcomed, comfortable, supported, and heard with more engaging events and improved facility initiatives.