Natasha Matemera ORS - VP UHall Candidate

Headshot of Natasha Matemera

Hello! My name is Natasha Matemera. I am an international student from Zimbabwe, in my third-year majoring in Economics and Finance. I am currently a first year RA in Uhall D/E3. After university my plan is to venture into wealth management and capital markets investments. I am very passionate about sustainable aid and development. My dream is to one day be an economist at international organization. My favorite things in the world are beautiful scenery and good food and I love all things Formular One!!

What do you know about the position you are running for?

In my first year, I experienced the overwhelming challenge of navigating the unfamiliar terrain of university life. It was a time of uncertainty, self-doubt, and feeling out of place. As an RA I found purpose in upholding a community where residents navigate through that time of uncertainty, well supported, and welcomed. I am running in the ORS Election for University Hall’s Vice President Position for the 2024 - 2025 Academic Year and if I am elected my primary goal is to continue to cultivate an environment where residents feel embraced, empowered, and understood. A space where residents can navigate their journey with confidence, and knowledge of the fact that they are supported, valued, and encouraged. I am committed to promoting positive interactions and relationships, ensuring an inclusive and vibrant environment within the facility and across the ORS community. In conjunction with services across campus, housing services and the ORS council, my vision is to foster an environment where the community is well informed of the resources to designed to support them, advance a culture of empowerment and across-the-board support. I hope you will consider me as an applicant for the ORS Vice President University Hall position.

What are some of the initiatives you would like to implement if you are elected?

I would be a good candidate for this position because my campaign and my reason for running comes from a place of passion. I bring a passion for service and a deep sense of commitment to the community. As an RA in Uhall over the past few months I have grown to love to the four-floor community. I was captivated and impressed by its spirit, its diversity, and its potential, and over time my passion for Uhall has only deepened as I have witnessed the incredible impact one can make. This passion is not just a feeling, it's a driving force that motivates me to roll up my sleeves and get to work every day. It is what compels me to volunteer my time, to advocate for change, and to strive for excellence in everything I do. I am committed to making a positive impact in Uhall and ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to thrive. But my passion extends beyond Uhall itself; it encompasses our entire community. I believe that we are all interconnected, that’s why I am deeply committed to fostering connections of pure embrace and understanding. I am passionate about creating a culture of empathy, encouragement, and empowerment within our community. Empathy, because I believe that understanding and compassion are the foundation of meaningful relationships and genuine connections. Encouragement, because I know that a kind word or a helping hand can make all the difference in someone's life and inspire them to reach their full potential. And empowerment, because I am dedicated to equipping every resident with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed and thrive. I believe that my passion for Uhall and our community, combined with my commitment to empathy, encouragement, and empowerment, sets me apart as a candidate for Vice President. I am not just here to fill a role; I am here to serve, to lead, and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our residents.

As Vice President, my main initiative is the conscientious development and implementation of comprehensive programs centered on fostering both empathy and empowerment. This deliberate focus aims to equip residents with tailored resources, intricately designed to propel them toward success. The first-year experience often entails navigating a labyrinth of challenges, a journey too often disheartening. My primary commitment is to cultivate an environment within our community where every resident is enveloped in unwavering support and boundless encouragement throughout this transformative process. My main ideas are organizing Peer Support Programs: where residents can connect with trained peer supporters for confidential one-on-one conversations. These peer supporters could offer emotional support, guidance, and referrals to resources as needed, fostering a culture of empathy and support within the community. These programs would be in collaboration with the services on campus already designed for such purposes. I believe learning and gaining support from someone you can relate to is very impactful. Feedback Mechanisms: Establish regular feedback mechanisms, such as suggestion boxes, resident surveys, to solicit input from residents about their needs, concerns, and what their version of empowerment and empathy looks like . In as much as I want to bring such initiatives into the community in will all be in vain if it does not directly aid the recipients. I also want to create connections between myself and the residents, as a community and as individuals. My time as an RA has showed me the grave importance of such connections. I have been able to adequately support and truly understand different views because of the connections I have made. I plan to execute this in the simplest way possible, informal hangouts, outside of facility or floor events. I aim to uphold a community that truly cares!