2022 Student Referendum Information


Student Support’s mission is to help “struggling students” become succeeding students. The following services are designed to help you succeed in your academics, career, and life. 

By voting YES in this referendum, you are giving students the choice of expanding the services they have access to and benefit from.


The Student Support Membership currently gives you access to: 

  1. Grammarly Premium—helps you revise your assignments, emails, and writing
  2. Nimbus—course-specific tutoring, career mentorship programs, and study groups 
  3. Udemy—6,000+ skill-building courses to boost your resume and make you more attractive to employers 
  4. Aaptiv—a personal trainer in your pocket (4,000+ cardio, strength, and yoga programs)
  5. Calm—a mental health app that reduces anxiety, lowers stress and improves sleep 

The combined cost for these services is normally $2,999. Voting YES will give all participating students access for $17.56 the fall and winter semester (a 98.8% discount). 

Do you support giving students access to the above services, on an opt-out basis, for $17.56 per semester (adjusted to inflation up to a maximum of 3% per year)?